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Terms and Conditions

  • No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share any part or the whole booth space to any party without the approval from the organizer.
  • The whole participation fee shall be paid within one week upon signing of the Booking And Registration Form. Booking of the booth will be confirmed only after full payment is received. If the exhibitor fail to pay, the organizer the organizer shall be entitled at its absolute discretion to claim against the exhibitor for the payment due and all other incidental costs and expenses arising thereto. The organizer also will have the right at its discretion to allocate the exhibition booth to another exhibitor.
  • The exhibitor cannot ask for any payment refund in case of inability to attend the fair, no matter whatsoever reason. The organizer will have the right at its discretion to allocate the exhibition booth to another exhibitor.
  • Booth selection is on first come, first served basis.。
  • The organizer shall reserve the right to alter the design of the exhibition booth, to transfer or close entrances and exits to the exhibition hall and to undertake other structural alterations as the organizer deems fit. The organizer shall also reserve the right to change the exhibition booth allocated to the exhibitor prior to the commencement of the exhibition should exceptional circumstances. Such changes shall not entitle the Exhibitor to terminate or repudiate the contract or shall have no claims for compensation.
  • The exhibitors must use the official hotel and official contractor assigned by the organizer for their accommodations and for them to build and decorate their exhibition booth and for logistic for the Exhibition.
  • The exhibitor shall assign at least one representative to be stationed at the booth all the times during the Exhibition hours.
  • Smoking is not permitted within the exhibition hall.
  • The exhibitor is prohibited from displaying any exhibits or bringing on to the exhibition hall or the exhibition booth of any item which may contravene any local ordinance, statute, regulations or by-laws, and which in the opinion of the organizer are offensive, immoral or dangerous. The exhibitor shall also prevent from any infringement of the intellectual property rights of other exhibitors or third parties. The organizer reserves the right to instruct the exhibitor to remove such unlawful, offensive, immoral or dangerous exhibits immediately from the exhibition booth failing which the organizer has the right to remove the same and the exhibitor shall be liable to pay the organizer such costs and expenses incurred there from.
  • The organizer reserves the right to prevent access to or to remove from the Exhibition space (including the exhibition booth) any person acting in a way which in the opinion of the organizer may pose a security risk or may be considered to be harmful, undesirable or offensive, and any person who infringes the Terms and Conditions hereof.
  • The exhibitor undertakes to fully indemnify the organizer for any lost items or goods owned or in the possession of the exhibitor throughout the exhibition. The exhibitor shall indemnify and keep the Organizer indemnified from and against all summons, claims, proceedings, damages, expenses and liability which may be levied, brought or made against the organizer by any third parties as a result of any act neglect or default of the exhibitor or its agents, employees, licensees or customers arising from the exhibitor’s participation in the exhibition. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any presentations or warranties made during its promotion in the exhibition or as contained in the exhibitor’s advertising materials to the public. The exhibitor undertakes to indemnify and keep the organizer fully indemnified in the event any claims by any third parties.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and duration of the exhibition in exceptional circumstances which is beyond the control of the organizer. The organizer shall accordingly inform the exhibitor in the event of any such changes, but the changes shall not entitle the exhibitor to cancel its participation. The exhibitor shall not make any claim against the organizer for such change.
  • If by reason of force majeure, fire, tempest, explosion of any kind, failure or neglect on the part of any utility supplying electricity or water, labour strike, civil commotion, war, fire or explosion or any other event beyond the control of the organizer of which prevented or hindered the organizer from fulfilling the substance of its obligations under this agreement, the organizer shall be entitled to cancel or suspend this agreement. The organizer shall be under no liability to the exhibitor for any loss which the exhibitor may suffer. In the event of cancellation or suspension of part or parts of the organizer’s obligations as aforesaid, the organizer shall according to reasonable circumstances refund to the exhibitor that part of monies which had been paid.
  • The organizer reserves the right at its own absolute discretion to alter these Terms and Conditions and the rules and regulations as contained in the exhibitor’s manual at any time and from time to time without the need to inform the exhibitor.
  • For more information, please refer to the exhibitor’s manual upon registration.